Burnout Paradise in PC


Some good gaming news early on a Friday, first with BioShock becoming a movie and now EA says Burnout Paradise is coming to PC. I have played Burnout extensively on the PS3 and it is one of the most fun console games I have played.

PC gamers will be very happy to hear that Burnout Paradise is heading to the PC. According to EA the PC version will have all the gameplay of the original version along with new gameplay specifically for the PC.

Exactly what the new gameplay for the PC amounts to is unknown at this time. Burnout Paradise has won 55 awards across the world according to EA.

PC Paradise 1st images

You saw it here first.

These are the first ever shots of a Burnout game running on the PC.

But to understand how awesome these shots are, you really need to see them in their native resolution!
"Original" is 1920 x 2400 images taken straight from the game!

Click to Enlarge

Ultra Widescreen Image:
you have seen potrait images...watch this ultra widescreen image.

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